Anything for Selena
Anything for Selena


Anything for Selena

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Anything for Selena

My latest poster illustration, to add to my Pavel-79 poster series, type distortion posters and examples of the intended use of the font.

I focused on the use of negative space with letter forms, body distortion to emphasize a Selena’s excellent performance and grip on stage movement during the show at the astrodome in the 90’s, She tare it up with her dance moves. Her being the center of attention while the type working as a spot light on her. Big hand for a big mic symbolizes the size of stage and crowd but feminine accentuated body forms for her strength and beauty as a performer.
Hope this makes sense! Watched a lot of video footage to get a good feel for her vibe as a person and as a performer.

  • Satin heavy media poster Paper
  • available in small 4X7in
  • Large 18X24in


    Note. The Pictures are digital mock ups showcasing how the poster can be display, please pick the size accordingly.
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