No future is a graphic is the first official graphic apparel collection put out by Awre, titled NF/No future. NF collection is ready to wear, includes a combination of light winter wear hoodies and pullovers sweaters to lighter graphic tees.

Concept: Living in the moment without worrying about past or overthinking about the future, paired with the idea that we are moving into a new technological digital era with the internet, VR, krypto currency, NFTs and the evolution of online platforms to enable that. While it may seem ironic to think life as it is now will not be in 5 or 10 years, we adapt or simply left behind. NF collection Plays around with ideas like neutral stands on politics, the fragility of human existence as we perceive it, and a shift from the physical world into the digital. 

NF is a limited edition and hand crafted collection which utilizes a limited color palette with dominant colors like red, black and white as the primary base and pops of other color through the use of applique fabrics creating a intriguing sense urgency in the way we think of the present. Mesh like grids in both abstract and human form represent a digitally created world while the type shows distortion and at times glitches to show there are flaws in everything, nothing is perfect but we can accept things as they are. NO PAST, NO PRESENT, NO FUTURE.